Knowing Your Bingo Patterns

bingo patterns

Bingo Patterns

Bingo patterns are a crucial part of both real money- and free bingo games. The aim of the game is, as you know, to match the randomly chosen numbers with the pattern of your bingo card. Of these there are many: from simple horizontal and diagonal patterns to more complex ones featuring pictures and shapes. The patterns are usually shown on the right hand side. Bingo players should keep an eye on their bingo card to see if the combination matches.

There are close to endless possibilities when it comes to bingo patterns. Similarly, there are many possible number combinations. That’s why we call it lottery! Still, some bingo patterns are used more often, such as, e.g., simple line ones and blackout ones.

Straight line bingo patterns

Straight line bingo patterns are less difficult to follow, as the numbers are matched either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. I.e., if the pattern is a horizontal one, the player will need to match all the numbers in the row. The blackout (or coverall bingo pattern) has high stakes, as the player needs to match every number on the card to win. This bingo variation is often played in high level rooms.

Jackpot bingo games

In the majority of bingo games, the player needs to get all the numbers in the bingo pattern to win the game. In jackpot bingo games (which come with different patterns that don’t change regardless of the number of bingo games played), the player needs to win with a predetermined number of bingo balls. Similarly as with slot machines, bingo jackpots may be progressive, but the winning odds for this type of game are certainly considerably less compared to other game types.

Online Bingo

Well, the good thing is, you may start practicing by playing free bingo games first. We are referring to online bingo, of course. Free bingo games are played for virtual money: you won’t need to invest a penny to access them, but you won’t get any reward either. What counts here is practice and some qualitative time spent with your online bingo buddies. Which is, by the way, the chief reason why online bingo is gaining popularity but daily.

When you decide to play for real money, keep in mind that many internet bingo games have featured patterns tied to current themes and/or promotions. These are certainly entertaining, but are more difficult to win. At some places, bingo patterns are being changed weekly. As you can imagine, combinations may vary. E.g., some of the options include multi-letter patterns (word spelling) and various picture patterns (depending on the promotion).

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